Liza Prevott

Photo of Liza smiling with a breton top, long brown hair and standing in front of a poster of the film Sur L'Adamant

About Liza Prevott

Psychiatric nurse and core member of L’Adamant therapeutic community.

Areas of interest

  • Bartending
  • Cooking
  • Being Human

More Info

Liza is a psychiatric nurse and core member of the team on board the Adamant. She says:

“After working in different medical services for 5 years, I could not longer bear/tolerate the hospital’s hierarchical system and the way the institution treats its employees and, in the end, its patients. I didn’t feel good about my work, and I didn’t want my children to see me suffer because of my it. I chose to work on the Adamant because I knew the staff there practiced institutional psychotherapy, which is somewhat similar to social therapy. Institutional therapy posits that if you cure the institution (its spaces, its atmosphere, its relationships, the way people move inside of it), you cure your employees, who can therefore treat patients with the care they deserve.

On the Adamant, I don’t look like a nurse. I play multiples roles, I wear several hats—on Monday I’m the vice president of a mental health association, on Tuesday I’m a bartender, on Wednesday I’m a cook, on Thursday I’m a film critic, on Friday I’m an accountant. Sometimes I’m just a person going to the theatre or the restaurant with a group of other people. But throughout all of my roles, I try to find the small things that will allow me to connect with individuals who are suffering. I try to make their everyday life as bearable as possible.”

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