Mika Meskanen

About Mika Meskanen

User experience designer and researcher, freediver, breathwork coach and sauna expert, Mika is passionate about integrating ancient practices with modern science to everyday, tech dominated and cognitively demanding lives.

Areas of interest

  • Breathwork
  • Human centred design
  • Movement and Yoga
  • Thermal Bathing

More Info

Mika is a user experience designer and researcher who helps “deep-tech” startups builds intuitive and easy to use techniques in complex areas like quantum computing and artificial intelligence.

In the past ten years he’s explored the underwater world of freediving with the London based club No Tanx and competitively with the Finnish national team. This has led to an enthusiasm to share the learnings from these practices with

with a wider world. Mika is also a certified Oxygen Advantage functional breathwork instructor. His breathwork practice combines relaxation techniques from freediving and functional breathing mechanisms that can be integrated into everyday life.

Together with his partner Wendy, Mika is a co-founder of the British Sauna Society, a non-profit with a mission to revitalise Britain’s sweat bathing heritage. He’s also a trained guide of traditional Finnish sauna rituals – thermal breathing practices that have been used for centuries to revitalise and reconnect body, mind and spirit.

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