Wendy Liu

About Wendy Liu

Areas of interest

  • Yoga
  • Saunas for wellbeing
  • Design for Wellbeing
  • Freediving

More Info

Wendy Liu is an architect and designer with a passion for the architecture of Well-being – a principle she follows in all

areas of her life. Along with her partner Mika, Wendy is the co-founder of The British Sauna Society  – a charitable organisation that champions authentic sauna in the UK.

Wendy is also a Yoga teacher and wellbeing coach. She can teach all yoga styles from energetic Rocket/ Power Vinyasa, Magical Manadala to restorative Yin Yoga. Mindful Breath-work.

Along with Mika, she will be leading our mindful movement sessions to start the day with some Daoist Flow at the Gathering, a gentle combination of Qigong and Yoga.

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