Anando Chatterji

About Anando Chatterji

Anando Chatterji is a Group psychotherapist working within a psychodynamic and group analytic framework. He believes in distress over diagnosis and co-created and co-produced therapeutic environments.

Areas of interest

  • Social Architecture
  • Therapeutic Communities
  • Relational Care
  • Philosophy

More Info

Anando has been immersing himself in residential democratic therapeutic communities for over 20 years, and continues to create opportunities for others to experience the transformative power of the therapeutic community environment.

He is a group and individual psychotherapist, and creates intensive experiential 14 day internships for psychology students – designed to give the students a lived experience of a TC, in addition to their theoretical teaching modules.

Anando also runs a non-profit organisation that focuses on creating accessible and affordable psychosocial services within the community.

Anando’s interest in the complexities of human existence peaked with his study of philosophy. Alongside his work in India, Anando is community lead for the Community of Communities, UK. His desire to build therapeutic communities, led to him co-founding Hank Nunn Institute along with Shama Parkhe. His interest lies in co-creating therapeutic practices together with service users. He believes there is no therapy without change and no change without social change. Anando has been an individual and group psychotherapist for over 20 years now. Working with adults with personality difficulties/disorders is of particular interest to him. He is fascinated with the complexity and diversity of thought and experience that a group brings. He is the coordinator for IGA, UK accredited Group Analysis Training in India. He is also a staff member of the International Living Learning Experience workshops, and a supervisor for the Therapeutic Environments Practitioners Training, UK.

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