Arnaud Vallet

About Arnaud Vallet

Arnaud is the lead clinician for the Adamant, a floating daycare centre on the banks of the River Seine in Paris.

Areas of interest

  • Community Building
  • Art Therapy
  • Creative and Democratic Approaches

More Info

Arnaud Vallet is the lead clinician on the Adamant – a floating daycare centre in Paris on the banks of the River Seine. Arnaud is a psychiatric nurse and art therapist, who supports the “passengers” (not patients) to live their best lives while being themselves. Having been referred by their doctor or therapist, people can drop by from Monday to Friday during the day time, and take part in art and music workshops, group therapy and community meetings. The boat was started by a pioneering psychiatrist who was himself a boat dweller. He was living a good life on board his boat, and thought a floating day centre might benefit the patients and staff he worked with in Paris. The idea was born in 2005, and Arnaud has been involved from the start – from conception, making the case and raising the funds, through to making this pioneering service a reality.

The innovative creative arts day centre is named after iconic British pop star Adam Ant – and has been made famous by a recent documentary, On the Adamant, winner of the Golden Bear – the top prize at this year’s Berlin Film Festival.

Arnaud says:

“We don’t pay much attention to psychiatric labels on board the Adamant – they are for administrative purposes and serve to keep people in cages. Our work is to restore people’s wellness and sense of themselves, and support them to live the life they choose. A life they are happy with, and not necessarily what others want them to do or be.”

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