Selena Støback

About Selena Støback

Selena is an experienced consultant and facilitator working in the civic & social organisation industry. She is skilled in Project Management, Programme Development, Co-Production, Mental Health Provision Innovation, Donor and Partnerships Engagement.

Areas of interest

  • Multi Sector Partnerships
  • Project Management
  • Advocacy
  • Community engagement

More Info

Selena Støback is Compassionate Mental Health’s Partnerships lead.  She is former Head of Innovation and project manager at Rethink Mental Illness, and has spent recent years as a consultant working with international NGO’s and supporting initiatives with alternative approaches to mental health support. 

Selena is skilled in project management, facilitating co-production and multi sector collaboration approaches and dialogue. Selena has delivered workshops and training for The Hearing Voices Network, Time To Change and Mental Health First Aid. She has driven policy change, led co-production programmes in the commissioning of children and young people’s mental health services and worked to advance women’s rights in the Asia Pacific through activism, action research and movement building. Selena is a peer counsellor and long term Samaritans volunteer and values deep listening and dialogue as the best way to solve problems. She lives in Oslo with her husband and two year old son.

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