Dr Sue Ruben

About Dr Sue Ruben

Consultant psychiatrist and award winner writer. Dr Sue Ruben has worked in both General Adult Psychiatry and Addictions in North Wales, and Liverpool. Sue is known for her humour and inclusive, open-hearted approach.

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Sue Ruben embodies a compassionate approach to psychiatry. She believes making meaningful relationships is key to empowering people to make changes they find positive.

Sue spent ten years in North Wales, where she developed the first home treatment service in the area as an alternative to hospital admission; and championed community based care in Flintshire.

Sue has a particular interest in patients who are traditionally hard to engage in services – individuals who are homeless and have mental health, and substance misuse issues and who often fall through the net of service provision.

What people say about Sue:

“When I go past your office I often hear laughter” (A bemused colleague).

“I didn’t know you were a consultant. You’re more like one of us.” (A client with heroin addiction)

“Wise Maverick. Takes intelligent Risks. Loved by her clients.” (Colleague)

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