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Mirabai Swingler is a freelance mental health and peer support facilitator. Until recently she was Spiritual Care Lead at the North East London Foundation Trust (NELFT)

Mirabai is also the Founder of the Only Us Campaign, where she calls for a move beyond the 1 in 4 model of mental health to the understanding that we are all vulnerable to mental distress.

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Mirabai Swingler is a freelance mental health, spirituality and disability rights consultant. Until recently she was the Spiritual Care Lead for the North East London Foundation Trust.

Mirabai was an early voice calling for a more equitable, less coercive mental health service. She is a well respected activist and campaigner, and believes a mental health crisis can be a transformative process, and that sometimes the most sensitive and spiritual people can become lost in a mental health system rather than supported to recover and reclaim their lives.

Mirabai founded the “Only Us” Campaign and says:

“There’s ‘Them’ and there’s ‘Us’. We are well, happy and safe. They are mentally ill and dangerous. Is this really true? Or is the uncomfortable truth that there’s a continuum, a scale along which we all slide back and forth during our lives. When we separate ourselves we hurt those labelled as sick, ill, even mad, but we also hurt ourselves…

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