Tommy Holgate

About Tommy Holgate

Tommy Holgate is an ex-tabloid journalist who had a brush with death that led to a renewed appreciation for life. He’s now passionate about his purpose, and wants to inspire others to embrace health and write new stories.

Areas of interest

  • Tai Chi
  • Body Psychology
  • Movement and Motivation

More Info

Tommy is an ex-tabloid journalist and comic who left behind the world of mainstream media to train in holistic therapies and energetic arts including acupressure massage and tai chi.

Now studying a Masters Degree in Health and Wellbeing, Tommy says:

“I had a problematic relationship with alcohol, and liked to entertain people – sometimes that led me to do wild and risky things. It was only after my third head injury – sustained after a deliberate and dramatic fall while intoxicated – that I made a pact with myself (and any Higher intelligence that might be listening) that if I survived I would change my life.

Later, when I experienced tai chi it was the first time I experienced a ‘body high’ that trumped any mental state previously felt. I always feel refreshed after a session, and am keen to share this experience with others.”

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