Skeena Rathor

Profile photo of Skeena Rathor - Head and shoulders shot of Skeena in countryside looking at camera smiling

About Skeena Rathor

Skeena is the Vision Coordinator for the Extinction Rebellion International movement. XR uses non violent civil disobedience to achieve radical change.

Areas of interest

  • Compassionate Change
  • Putting Ethics into Politics
  • Heart & body intelligence

More Info

Skeena Finebaum-Rathor is the Vision coordinator of the Extinction Rebellion Movement, and has been at the heart of this extraordinary new eco-social movement. She is on a mission to bring kindness, ethics and honesty to politics.

Skeena ia a mum of three who lives in Stroud, where she runs the Politics Kitchen and is a co-founder of Compassionate Stroud. She is also a Labour Councillor and mental health champion at Stroud Council.

Skeena says:

“In this age of misinformation, there is power in telling the truth. We all need to look within, recognise our own power, and face what is happening together. This movement is not about symbolic actions, but about building the necessary resilient and regenerative culture that the world needs now. It’s all about taking activists into becoming activators and igniting heart intelligence.”

Skeena sees the Extinction Rebellion Visioning Group’s role as finding ways to bring people together, breaking down the “them” and “us” and finding a way to the “heart” of rebellion and a new evolutionary politics.

Skeena is also a trauma release therapist, and a movement (Pilates, Yoga, Feldenkrais, Garuda and Energy Medicine) and heart-math meditatation teacher.

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