Elaine Paton

About Elaine Paton

Elaine Paton is a conceptual theatre director, performer and writer, based in Cardiff

Areas of interest

  • Theatre
  • Writing
  • Raising Awareness

More Info

Last year Elaine directed Moment(o)s of Leaving, a site specific, multi media production, at the old Whitchurch Mental Hospital, Cardiff, before the 108 year old hospital closed it’s doors. Moment(o)s of Leaving articulates the evocative, semi-vacant location of Whitchurch Hospital, Cardiff whilst addressing the important subject of mental health through the exploration of both biographical material and stories that have emerged from the site. Elaine is developing various elements of this production including a solo piece, weaving together her and her Father’s stories.

Both her parents had been patients at the hospital and Elaine has also dealt with mental illness. Elaine’s artistic practice constantly challenges the stigma and shame that still surrounds being mentally unwell.

“As far as I know, there have been six confirmed suicide attempts in my family, and goodness knows how many more unconfirmed. Four have been successful. Fortunately, mine wasn’t one of them.”
-Elaine Paton-


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