A photo of the fire area in the circular bar at Coed Hills. Taken at night with fairy lights and comfortable sofas arranged around a large woodburning stove. There is a large, striking painting on the wall and it is a very evocative image of a magical place.

Not Just a Dream: Finding the Mental Health Community I’d Been Longing For by Robyn Thomas

This piece was first published in Mad in America – read the original here 

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Banner with words Compassionate Mental Health Light the Lamps 23-26 October 2023, Coed Hills, South Wales, UK. An image of a lantern on the floor of a wood with autumn leaves and a book open on the ground, scattered with leaves.

Towards Compassionate Mental Health by Brigid Bowen

30 years ago I walked into hospital as a voluntary patient in the middle of a manic episode.

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Why we need more Soteria Houses by Brigid Bowen

I wrote this piece to deliver as a talk for the Soteria Network UK AGM in 2021 – online due to the pandemic.

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