I don’t just hear voices …. by Elisabeth Svanholmer


I don’t just hear voices

I hear life everywhere

I hear the bricks in the wall

calling each other’s names Read more

The Open in Open Dialogue by Tom Stockmann

Open in Open Dialogue refers to two different but linked concepts. One is transparency. No decisions about the person in distress are made outside of the network meetings, and within this setting the clinicians openly discuss their observations. The clinicians are part of the polyphony – they are ‘with, not doing to’. Read more

Non-Violent Communication by Rufus May

I want to tell you about a magical tool I use particularly for navigating challenging situations. It’s called Non violent communication (NVC). It’s a way of understanding and communicating that I’ve found particularly useful in situations of conflict. I’ve hyped it up in the first sentence as a magical tool, but (like all useful things) it’s got its limitations. I guess the key is how and when to use it. Read more

A Compassionate Approach – by Charlie Heriot-Maitland

A Compassionate Approach to mental health services is not just for the people using the services. Those of us working in mental health services know, as well as anyone, that life can be tough. Most of us face periods in our personal lives when we feel overwhelmed by work, relationships, sickness, or we experience losing someone close.

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