Emma Bragdon

About Emma Bragdon

Emma Bragdon is a transpersonal psychologist, founder and Executive Director of Integrative Mental Health For You.

She is pioneering a new vision for mental health services, that is inspired by her own recovery from trauma, and 20 years working with healing communities in Brazil and around the world.

Areas of interest

  • Transpersonal Psychology
  • Community Mental Health
  • Spiritist Psychiatric Hospitals
  • Spiritual Emergence
  • Spiritual Emergency
  • Website: emmabragdon.com

More Info

Emma Bragdon, (PhD, Transpersonal Psychology) founded and now directs Integrative Mental Health for You. IMHU offers 26+ courses, mostly online, giving people a fuller range of options for mental healthcare beyond the conventional. Emma has been researching the positive potentials of Spiritist Mental Healthcare in Brazil since 2001. She offers seminars annually in Brazil. Emma also offers a unique online and live training to become a “Spiritual Emergence Coach®”.

Emma’s work is informed by her own traumatic experiences. She grew up in a family where there was mental illness and addiction. By the time she was 26, both Emma’s parents had died by suicide. She has thrived despite many adverse childhood experiences, and cares deeply about helping other people.

Emma credits her wellbeing to extraordinary somatic therapists, spiritual teachers and the compassionate communities around them. She will share her personal story and some experiential exercises for freeing stuck attention and becoming present with the help of another person. These are easy, take minutes, and are helpful for anyone who feels triggered, lost in the past, or anxious about the future.

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