I Found Compassion by Vicky Ola

I learned that there’s a great divide

And some cross to the other side.

I was seven and a quarter

When they parted mum from daughter,

Separating the ‘sane’ from ‘mad’

Oblivious to love she had.

They came with their blue flashing light

And drugged her forcibly that night.

I learned that lesson.


I learned at work, on my first day,

About the standard tick-box way.

My patient talked of suicide

But when I told ‘the qualified’,

She raised both hands dismissively

And said, “No need to inform me,

I’ve dealt with her as I see fit.

Her dressing gown’s no belt on it.”

I learned that lesson.


I found a place of hope last spring,

Beside a wood, a gathering

Called ‘Compassionate Mental Health’.

I found that we all had a wealth

Of skills, with the potential to

Explore together, and work through,

All that life brings, both joy and pain,

Where we can be ourselves again.

I found compassion.


Book to join us  on 4th and 5th October 2017 at Compassionate Mental Heath – Finding Meaning through Connection in West Wales, to explore ways to create a more compassionate approach.

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