Katy Bergson

About Katy Bergson

Katy Bergson is an OT and yoga teacher. She is interested in helping individuals develop resilience, using an OT led approach.

Areas of interest

  • OT
  • Yoga
  • Nature Connection

More Info

Katy Bergson is an Occupational Therapist and yoga teacher, especially interested in especially interested in where the two things meet – working with individuals to develop resilience using OT and yoga. Katy loves sound work, surfing and nature.

Katy says:

“For me the magic of the Compassionate Mental Health Gatherings are the special mix that comes from bringing together NHS workers, service users, carers, third sector organisations and independent practitioners in such a skilful, humanist and caring manner.

The Gatherings model lessons of vulnerability, shared spaces of discussion with service users, carers and people working in field given equal input have a huge value for wider health care practice and particularly around improvement of services and co-production.”

Being part of the Compassionate Mental Health Gatherings – first as participant and then as a member of the wellbeing team – has given me a sense of hope and optimism about how services and individual practitioners may evolve in the future to offer a greater sense of compassion to both ourselves and those that we work with.”

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