Introductory workshop in Emotional CPR

Mon 2 and Tues 3 October 2017

With Daniel Fisher, Psychiatrist and Co-founder of the National Empowerment Center

Space on the training is limited to 20 participants.

A two day certified training in Emotional CPR (eCPR). eCPR is an educational program designed to teach people to assist others through an emotional crisis by three simple steps:

C = Connect with Compassion and Concern to open up Communication
P = emPower to experience Passion, Purpose, and Power
R = Revitalize one’s life in community through re-establishing equilibrium and connecting or reconnecting
to Relationships, Routines, and Roles

eCPR is based on the principles shared by a number of support approaches: trauma-informed care, counselling after disasters, peer support to avoid continuing emotional despair, emotional intelligence and suicide prevention. It was developed with input from a diverse cadre of recognised leaders from across the U.S., who themselves have learned how to recover and grow from emotional crises.

The Connecting process of eCPR involves deepening listening skills, practicing presence, and creating a sense of safety for the person experiencing a crisis.

The emPowering process helps people better understand how to feel empowered themselves as well as to assist others to feel more hopeful and engaged in life.

In the Revitalizating process, people re-engage in relationships with their loved ones or their support system. They resume or begin routines that support health and wellness, reinforcing the person’s sense of mastery and accomplishment, and further energising the healing process. People say:

“In my 26 years of recovery I have not experienced anything as profound and empowering as the eCPR training. Thank you for helping me learn new tools and allowing myself to grow and express who I am. The whole training inspired me to be a better person and to not be embarrassed by who I am.”

“It was one of the most profound experiences I have ever had. This is the kind of work I want to be doing to build community. It is a transformative process.”

“Just as a person’s physical heart needs attention in a cardiac crisis, a person’s emotional heart needs attention in an emotional crisis. eCPR is a form of heart-to-heart connection for emotional resuscitation.”
The Foundations of eCPR
  • The lived experience of people with emotional crisis: what is happening when support in crisis is effective
  • Trauma-informed approaches: understanding the prevalence and impact of trauma, avoiding re-traumatisation, and supporting healing and resilience
  • Crisis counseling after disasters: research and training developed from disaster relief and combat experiences
  • Suicide prevention based on restoring hope: Collaboration rather than coercion; empowerment rather than rescue, seeing people as fundamentally whole
  • Cultural empathy and humility: avoiding assumptions, being willing to learn what is respectful
  • Authentic and respectful dialogue: listening together with open minds, equality and freedom of choice
Outcomes of Training / Participants will:
  • Learn what effective crisis support looks and feels like
  • Be empowered to help someone in distress move from alientation to connection
  • Cultivate a hopeful and positive attitude, especially regarding the future
  • Know the importance of the gift of silence and when to offer it
  • Be confident to communicate that you care while creating an emotionally safe relationship
  • Learn how to Listen deeply and stay present in the face of emotional distress
  • Feel they can give emotional CPR if called on in a crisis
  • Be able to stay centered while attending to the other person’s feelings
  • Engage with barriers and opportunities while connecting
  • Meet people where they are without pathologising or supressing
  • Enter into a collaborative “power with” as opposed to “power over” relationship
  • Facilitate the other person’s access to inner wisdom
  • Facilitate the transformation of anger and/or fear to passion and strength
  • Support the person to tap into their inspiration and motivation for change
  • Help someone identify what brings meaning and purpose to their lives

Feedback from our last event in March 2017

“I was blown away. It surpassed any expectations. It was so affirming, inspiring and helpful.”

“Succeeded in bringing together professionals, experts and everyday folk in a way where the reality of human experience was revealed, shared and honoured, and those who suffer were given tools that help.”

“A beacon for sanity and genuine healing.”

“At the time I was in deep despondency …I was desperate to find a means to rescue myself from such a dark and painful place…On my return from the event, I emerged from this dark hole. Thank you for the gift.”

“There have been many moments of eureka and genuine transformation. All curated with kindness, humility, warmth, thoughtfulness. Even the wild foraged food felt as if we were being nurtured in the most ethical and sensitive way possible.”

“Inspirational, with presenters who have overcome great suffering and mental breakdown alongside psychiatrists who are pioneering more humane approaches to the mental health system.”

“This event has given me hope for psychiatric services in the future.”

“Amazing event. Loved the structure and flow of the programme. Great speakers and mix of delegates. Loved the feast. Loved the safe environment.”

“It’s been a rare opportunity to be among people with genuine compassion and depth of understanding and to feel so safe that it felt possible to take all my masks off. This is especially difficult for those of us who, by virtue of stigma as carers or sufferers, find it impossible to be open about our experiences.”

“I experienced healing from attending by hearing others stories and realising that what happened to my son is not only not unusual, but not down to anything I did or didn’t do. I will be forever grateful.”

“You have created a unique and invaluable contribution to the future of mental health. My daughter took her own life two years ago. I believe if either she or I had had access to the material and the diverse community you have put together, there could have been a very different outcome.”

“Exceptional. The fact people had travelled from far and wide shows the high regard the event was held in, and also the pressing need to change and the delivery of compassionate mental health services.”

“Above all people were able to release shame , guilt and silence around their stories and to find like minded community.”

“Such a blessing. An oasis. I felt privileged to be a part of it. Beautifully organised, to the last detail. The professional delivery of the event was outstanding and the supporting literature of excellent quality.”

“By having my family’s experience validated, we have been encouraged to continue to seek a more humane intervention for our daughter’s difficulties and a way forward for her.”

“Amazing. I arrived late in the middle of a workshop but felt immediately welcomed and accepted. It was extraordinary, given my social anxiety to feel like this.”

“The most amazing event I have ever witnessed. I loved how everyone was so open and honest, and how everyone was made to feel welcome and part of it.”

“Beautiful gathering where people were able to share stories in a safe environment – providing inspiration, empowerment, hope and caring, compassionate community.”

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