Past Events

Beyond Trauma – Finding Solid Ground 25 – 26 April 2018, Brecon Beacons, UK

Our fourth event, in Buckland Hall, Brecon Beacons,  Wales, looked at the ways in which trauma – through the generations and life stages – can impact our mental health.  See full Programme and Speakers>>

Finding Meaning through Connection 4 – 5 Oct 2017, West Wales, UK

Our third event, in fforest, West Wales, explored why finding meaning and purpose is so vital for recovery from trauma and mental distress.  See full Programme and Speakers>>

Building Compassionate Communities 30 – 31 Mar 2017, Cardiff, UK

This was our second event, building on our first gathering and going deeper into the issues surrounding a more compassionate approach to mental health.  See full Programme and Speakers>>

Compassionate Approaches to Mental Health 18 Nov 2016, Cardiff UK

The launch of Compassionate Mental Health: a groundbreaking one day event bringing together mental health practitioners, people with personal experience and policy makers to explore alternatives to the disease model of mental illness. See full Programme and Speakers>>

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