Entries by Brigid Bowen

Empathy not Sympathy by Peter Kinderman

In a wonderful recent piece, a response to our collective lack of compassion in the face of the migrant crisis, author and activist Owen Jones wrote: “Almost all human beings have the capacity for empathy. Everyone has the potential to be at least troubled, or feel genuine anguish, about the suffering of other human beings.”

Sofa so Good by Crystal Jeans

I used to wonder why all my close friends were mentally ill, addicted to something or both. Why did I attract them? Was I co-dependent? Possibly. Did I have such a low self esteem that I didn’t think myself capable or deserving of having regular, healthy friends? Could be. Was it because I found them to be more […]

Creating a new voice by Indigo Daya

What happened when compassion replaced clinical objectivity, and creativity replaced compliance.   One morning in 2009 I was sitting in the psych ward, working on a plan to kill myself. I was made an involuntary psychiatric patient following a rather extreme type of self-harm, even for me. My home had been rushed by police, ambulance […]

Gofal gives their support

This World Mental Health Day, we’re really happy to announce that Welsh mental health and wellbeing charity Gofal are sponsoring Compassionate Approaches to Mental Health. Their support will enable us to offer a limited number of tickets at £35.